Save Money – Turn Off Standby Power

The Green Board is designed to save power to devices that are in standby but still consuming power.

The unique remote switch (Bank 2) allows 4 outlets on the remote bank to be completely turned off. The other 4 outlets (Bank 1) remain on for devices like pay TV decoders or any recording device that needs to be on permanently so as to perform time related tasks like recording. This allows the user to get the best of both worlds while saving on energy consumption and therefore saving money too.

As an added bonus the remote button has a clever USB charging circuit built into the switch cover. The circuit will allow a single power hungry iPhone to charge or two other devices like an MP3 player, camera or phone charger.

  • Free connected equipment warranty up to $200,000
  • Free 6-year replacement warranty
  • 100% Australian owned and compliant
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$259.95 AUD
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$249.95 AUD
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