Control Devices via a dry contact

The unique remote switch (Bank 2) allows 4 outlets on the remote bank to be completely turned off. The other 4 outlets (Bank 1) remain on.  The unique Dry Contact input allows external electronic devices such as CCTV and Security systems to control 240V appliances such as flood lights and garage doors.

Use the B12R-SEC to protect your sensitive electronic systems with Bank 1 which is permanently powered (4 outlets) and control devices plugged into Bank 2 (4 outlets) via the Dry contact input (cable supplied).

Tested with the popular Mobotix EXTIO devices by Lakes Security.

The B12R-SEC is supplied with the same outstanding benifits as the B12R

  • Free connected equipment warranty up to $200,000
  • Free 6-year replacement warranty
  • 100% Australian owned and compliant
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$269.95 AUD
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$259.95 AUD
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